Mobile Repair Stand: Day 7

While it is hard to believe that it has already been seven weeks of helping folks with their bikes at the artisan market, it is clear we’ve grown a lot since day one.  Kindof like a tandem rolling to the ice cream shop, Common Cycle seems like something people want to hop aboard.  The fruits of the tremendous community support we’ve been receiving were evident this week: two popup tents to give us some shade, three work stands, two full sets of tools, and over ten mechanics sharing their time and expertise.

With these great resources, we’ve been able to take the 10-15 bikes that stop by each Sunday and get them back on the road, rolling safely.  More importantly, common cyclists like yourselves are telling us that you’re learning a lot, and feel empowered to tinker with your tools and come back to learn more.  Some of the fun activities from this week included overhauling the bottom bracket of a vintage Schwinn, parts-swapping to get new builds started, and a lot of wheel truing and derailleur adjusting.

With generous support from local shops Sic Transit Cycles and Two Wheel Tango, our parts bins are growing quickly.  If you come early next week you’ll have your pick of wheels, pedals, water bottles, and of course the attention of our fantastic mechanics.  We look forward to seeing you next Sunday, getting your feedback, and helping you out.