Bike Fest 2010

Wow.  The Bike Fest yesterday (all of the Mayor’s Green Fair, actually) was awesome

If you were able to make it downtown, hopefully you had a chance to swing by our tent near Liberty on Main St.  We were between the Washtenaw Biking and Walking Coalition’s bike parking space and Wheel’s in Motion’s demo area.  Here’s a picture of Bill during the downtown madness:

Turns out, popping up a bike stand in a random destination and helping people out is what we do best.  We had a blast healing handlebars, soothing shifters, and doctoring derailleurs.  Sam was a hero, showing a young bike enthusiast how to get a wicked hop out of a well-worn mountain wheel.  Below you can see Evan explaining basic maintenance and Ben getting ready to true a wheel.

It was really great to hear everyone’s enthusiasm: from new volunteers signing up to general excitement about stopping by the stand on Sunday.  As we continue to grow, we need your feedback!  How can Common Cycle help you the most?  For new volunteers, how can we showcase your skills best?  We welcome all ideas, so send them to and tell them to us in person!

A big thanks to everyone who helped us out last night: Piet, Evan, Justin, Sam, Bill, Ben, Anika, Sandy, Jimmy, and Eric for hanging out at the stand,  Michael from the Black Pearl for the post-fest libations,  Ryan for trailer #2, Vault of Midnight for the tent, and everyone who stopped by for giving us something to tweak, tune, or talk about!