Our first bike repair workshop was great!

Last week Common Cycle pulled together our first bike repair workshop. Many thanks to Sic Transit Cycles for letting us use their space for this event. While we march forward on the path to finding a shop of our own help like this is invaluable.

You may not have heard about this workshop in advance: It came together in a hurry and was a test of sorts for us. Thankfully the workshop was a great success and we plan to have more in the future. Next time we’ll get the word out and you can participate.

All told we had about a dozen people and four stands with bikes. Our design was to have the group decide what they wanted to learn. There was an instant consensus: Derailluers!

I learned about derailleurs with Molly and Anika from Eric. We put my bike up on the stand it is as shifty as ever now. One nagging problem I’d had in the middle of my cassette was massaged away by our combined tinkering.

In addition to the help from Sic Transit, a special thanks to Commoners Steve Cain, Sam McDermott, Jimmy Ragget, and Eric Jankowski for teaching the rest of us about how our shifty bits work, and how to adjust them.