The Sunday Repair Stand Is Back!

Oh yes, indeed, we are re-opening the Repair Stand at the Ann Arbor Sunday Artisan Market. In case you missed it last year, every Sunday from April through October, Common Cycle sets up a couple of tents, bike stands, and tools and teaches Ann Arbor how to fix and maintain its bikes. For free. So, at no cost, you get to a) learn stuff, b) fix your bike, c) have fun, and d) meet awesome people. The only catch is that you’re gonna have to get dirty, but that’s half the fun. See you in Kerrytown on Sunday!

When: Sunday April 17th, 11am – 3pm

Where: Kerrytown: Artisan Market

Bring: your bike, your hands

And, if you’d like to volunteer to help out, fill out the form.