Featured Volunteer: Michael Everett

The Mobile Repair Stand may have been in hibernation all winter, but many of our wonderful Common Cycle volunteers helped out with bike workshops all winter long. Today’s featured volunteer was there through snow and ice and freezing temperatures, and now that the sun is out again, he’s back at the Repair Stand, repacking hubs in 90 degree heat like a champ.

Michael Everett, Champion Volunteer

Michael Everett

High Schooler

How did you get into fixing bicycles?
Last year, I went for a road ride with my friends from swimming who also knew nothing about biking, and we had a couple flat tires and one broken seat post during the ride, so I figured I should learn some basics so I didn’t get stranded far away again. I read about Common Cycle online and thought it sounded awesome! I started going to the mobile repair stands clueless about maintenance, but I have learned a ton from the experts.

What is your most favorite bike maintenance task?
I like learning new repair tasks whether they’re simple or super complicated. Brakes and other things that take a while to perfectly align can be annoying sometimes, but it’s all important. Adjusting derailleurs and gear shifting is a really common task but it’s not too difficult and is something people really notice.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done on bicycle?
If I do something crazy on my bike this summer, I’ll let you know. I can’t think of anything too wild right now…