Common Cycle Fall Bike Maintenance Course

This fall we’ll be teaching a bike repair and maintenance course hosted by our friends at Outdoor Adventure. You’ll get to know you bike from rear drop-outs to fork! Courses will run from 7p.m. – 9p.m. at the Outdoor Adventures rental space (336 Hill) and be taught by knowledgable CC volunteers and mechanics from local shops! There will be 6 sessions which will run from October 25th – December 6th, with a break for Thanksgiving.

Registration is now full. We will likely be offering another course in the spring, so stay tuned!


Week 1 (10/25/12): Get to know your bike

  • General bike maintenance
  • Oil a chain
  • Adjust seats
  • Talk about bike fit
  • Fix a flat

Week 2 (11/01/12): Derailleurs

  • How to adjust a drivetrain
    • cable tension
    • limit screws
    • derailleur position (front)
    • how to diagnose shifting problems
  • Shifters
    • Briefly cover different types of shifters and how they work

Week 3 (11/08/12): Brakes

  • Discuss pros and cons of different types of brakes
  • How to adjust calipers
  • How to adjust vbrakes and cantis
  • How to adjust disk brakes
  • How to recable properly (brakes and shifters)
    • different types of housing
    • sensible routings

Week 4 (11/15/12): Headset, Stem, Bars

  • Headset anatomy (first set of bearing in the class)
  • Overhaul threadless headset
  • Overhaul threaded headset
  • Discuss quill and threadless stem
    • I want my handlebars higher/lower and I have a quill/threadless stem. What are my options
  • Handlebars
    • Common diameters and shifter/lever compatibility

Week 5 (11/29/12): Wheels

  • Anatomy of wheel
  • Spoke tension
  • Differences between front and rear wheel
  • Lacing patterns
  • Dish, Round, True
  • freewheel vs cassette
  • Wheel and tire sizes (ISO diameters!)
  • Overhaul hub
  • How to true a wheel

Week 6 (12/6/12): BBs, Cranks, Pedals

  • Overhaul BB
  • External cup/internal cup BBs
    • pros/cons of square taper vs 2 piece cranks
  • Proper crank puller usage
  • How to install chainrings
  • How to install pedals
    • clipless/cages/platforms/straps/whatever