Women’s Focused Programming

In an effort to strengthen community and increase the presence of women within the organization, we are hoping to start up some women’s-focused programming within Common Cycle.This announcement is an initial poll to see who might be interested in being involved with a class/clinic/drop-in night.  The details are yet to be determined (so the input of any potential participants is more than welcome!).We are planning on having an initial get together soon to hang out and talk about what people are interested in. If you are interested in being involved (in planning, as a participant, or both), send us an email at jaysreddy@gmail.com to let us know.  We are hoping to gauge interest to see what would be most relevant.The program and space is intentionally set up to be welcoming to trans women, and gender non-conforming folks.  Please let us know if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns.  We are really excited – please get in touch!