Back Alley Bikes / The Hub of Detroit – A Call for Help

Our friends at Back Alley Bikes / The Hub of Detroit are apparently in danger of shutting down due to some significant interruption to their operational funding and recent staff turnover. It appears they’ve been trying to raise funds for the last month or two, but are well short of their goal of $6K.

Their crowdfunding campaign:

On behalf of the Common Cycle board, we feel that Back Alley is a critical part of the bicycling community in southeast MI, not only for the good work they do, but for the fact that they’ve been around for eight years and are very much an established resource for people in need in Detroit/Wayne Co. Any risk to their ability to continue their work is a big deal.

Some announcements on their Facebook page:

BAB’s “Our Story” Page:

If you can, please consider pledging your support and/or spreading the word to others who may not already be aware.