Public Workshop Hours – “Closed Door” Season

We’re well into October September2 and have enjoying (with some guilt and dread) the unseasonable warmth. Once temperatures are consistently below ~50°F, we will transition to hosting our weekly public hours on Sundays from 11 AM-3 PM with the large bay door closed at 416 W Huron.

Weekly public hours will continue as usual, and this transition will involve some revised safety protocols as we work to keep CC users and volunteers safe while we everyone turns some wrenches.

Below are the protocols we’re planning to implement once the door comes down for the season –

(1) MASKS REQUIRED: Our masking policy will be updated to “Required, Regardless of Vaccination Status” – i.e. no mask, no entry (but we’ll provide folks with a mask if they don’t have one).

(2) SOCIAL DISTANCING ENCOURAGED: Social distancing will be encouraged.

(3) VOLUNTEERS FULLY VACCINATED: In-person volunteers will be expected to be fully vaccinated according to CDC guidelines.

(4) CAPACITY LIMIT: Our workspace will include both Suite #11 and the Common Bay, but we will maintain an overall capacity limit of 12 persons total (including volunteers and visitors) at any one time. (We may revisit this, depending on demand and level of comfort with this number of people in the space at once.)

(5) ARTIFICIAL CIRCULATION: We’ll deploy additional artificial circulation, running 2-3 MERV-filtered fans during public hours.

We hope this is a reasonable balance of safety and feasibility. Looking forward to continuing to work with everyone as we enter the season of cold-weather riding and winter maintenance.

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, please send us a note at .

During public hours (Sundays, 11 AM-3 PM), this magnetic sign will be posted on the door.
If you see this sign, please ring the doorbell on the far right and a volunteer will let you inside.

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