Public Hours SUSPENDED Until 2/6/2022

Due to the significant rise in transmission in Washtenaw County and to do our part to help keep the community safe (and minimize strain on the local health system), Common Cycle’s weekly public hours (Sundays, 11 AM-3 PM) will be suspended through the end of January.

We’re tentatively aiming to resume on Sunday, 2/6/2022, and will of course keep folks updated.

In the Meantime!

Support / Repair by-Appointment: If anyone finds themselves in need of repair support to keep rolling for work,  school, appointments, etc., please shoot us a note at and we can arrange a 1:1 appointment.

Advice and/or Video-Support: If you’re doing some repairs at home and need advice, feel free to email us at and one of our volunteers can arrange an appointment for a video-chat with you.

Revision to “Closed Door” Public Hours practices: In prep to re-open in early-February, we’ve updated our “Closed Door” Public Hours practices to note that all Public Hours volunteers will have a COVID booster by 2/6 (or as soon as eligible thereafter) –

“Closed Door” Practices (Updated 1/7/2022)

(1) MASKS REQUIRED: Our masking policy will be maintained as “Required, Regardless of Vaccination Status” – i.e. no mask, no entry (but we’ll provide folks with a mask if they don’t have one).

(2) SOCIAL DISTANCING ENCOURAGED: Social distancing will be encouraged.

(3) VOLUNTEERS FULLY VACCINATED & BOOSTED: In-person volunteers are expected to be fully vaccinated, including having a COVID booster by 2/6/2022 (or as soon as eligible thereafter).

(4) CAPACITY LIMIT: We will continue to maintain an overall capacity limit of 12 persons total (including volunteers and visitors) at any one time.

(5) ARTIFICIAL CIRCULATION: We’ll deploy additional artificial circulation, running 1-3 MERV-filtered fans during public hours.

Thank you and take care!

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