What is Common Cycle?

We are a community-based organization empowering Ann Arbor to ride bicycles
by providing access to education, workspace, and resources.

Getting Started

Common Cycle started in February 2010. We are a group of people that are both excited by bicycling and getting more people on the road with their bicycles. Every bicycle on the road makes Ann Arbor a better place.

To ride your bike, you need a bike, you need safety equipment, and you need to know the rules of the road (turns out they are pretty much the same as driving). But none of that is going to do you any good if your bike is busted up or in the shop. We want to help people ride their bikes more by teaching them how to keep their bikes happy. Happy bikes -> happy people -> happy community.

We operate a workspace in downtown Ann Arbor. This is a place where you can work on your bike with other people. We have tools, stands, and knowledge. We teach classes and have dreams of a build-a-bike program for kids. We’re thinking big. And starting small.

Hopefully we can help you out with your bike, or you can join us and help others. We hope to meet you and that you’ll be excited by the idea of working with us to support a collective bike workshop in Ann Arbor.