Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I donate a bike or parts around Ann Arbor?

Unfortunately, right now Common Cycle does not have sufficient storage space to accept bicycle donations.

Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness accepts donations for Back Alley Bikes of Detroit.

The local Kiwanis also accepts donations of bicycles.

The University of Michigan Outdoor Adventures has publicized a bicycle donation program, but no information appears to be available online. If you have information on this or other donation programs, please contact Common Cycle.

Where and when can I take a bicycle maintenance class?

Volunteering at our Mobile Repair Stand is a great way to learn about bicycle repair and maintenance while hanging out with volunteers who can answer questions you may have, but Common Cycle also offers a six-part bicycle maintenance class a few times a year, usually once in the fall and once in the spring while the Mobile Repair Stand is not operating regularly.

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What, where, and when is the Common Cycle Mobile Repair Stand?

Once a week during the warmer months (mid-April into October) provides tools, workspace, and volunteers to help with bicycle maintenance and repair. We set up our Mobile Repair Stand (MRS) at the Artisans’ Market on Sundays in Kerrytown from 11am-3pm.

Where can I pump up my tires around town?

Check out this map for many places to pump up your tires for free around town. Let us know if you notice updates we could make to this map.

How should I go about learning to ride a bike?

If you have suggestions for this answer, please contact Common Cycle.

I need a bike to get around but I can’t afford one. What should I do?

If you have suggestions for this answer, please contact Common Cycle.

What organizations exist around Ann Arbor to support bicycling?

Advocacy and special interests

Recreation and hobbies

Also check out our Facebook page and the groups we’re friends with for more bicycle-centric action around town.