Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I donate a bike or parts around Ann Arbor?

Common Cycle has extremely limited storage space for donated bicycles, though please reach out to us if you have a bicycle you’re considering donating.

The local Kiwanis and the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop also accept donations of bicycles, as well as sell used bicycles (as inventory is available).

Where and when can I take a bicycle maintenance class?

Common Cycle offers a six-part bicycle maintenance class a few times a year, usually once in the fall and once in the spring.  For more information, consult the our page about the repair course: Maintenance and Repair Course Syllabus

Volunteering, or shadowing a volunteer, during our regular public hours is also a great way to learn about bicycle repair and maintenance.  

Join our mailing list and/or watch our blog or Facebook page for more info.

What, where, and when is the Common Cycle Mobile Repair Stand?

As of summer, 2018 Common Cycle began renting a space at 416 W Huron, Suite #11. Though we do many mobile events throughout the season (Bike-to-Work Day, Mayor’s Green Fair, miscellaneous ad-hoc events), our regular public hours have now shifted to the brick-and-mortar workshop.

Where can I pump up my tires around town?

Check out this map for many places to pump up your tires for free around town. Let us know if you notice updates we could make to this map.

To learn about fixing a flat tire, consult our flyer: Fix-A-Flat flyer page

How should I go about learning to ride a bike?

Learning to ride a bike as a youth or adult is a rewarding process.  Many how-to guides and videos are available on the internet, such as this video from Cycling UK: How to teach an adult to ride a bike quickly and simply 

The League of American Bicyclists also offers riding courses.  Information about courses and other educational materials can be found on their website here: http://bikeleague.org/content/find-take-class

I need a bike to get around but I can’t afford one. What should I do?

New bicycles are often expensive, but there are sometimes ways to find them at discounted prices.  For example, local clearance events or regional outlet stores may bring a desirable bike into your price range.  To learn more about these options, consult with an employee at a local bike shop.

Purchasing a used bicycle is often the most economical option, and used bikes are available for purchase through a variety of outlets:

      • Local thrift stores such as the Salvation Army, Kiwanis Thrift Sale, and the Ann Arbor ReUse center all stock bikes which have been donated.  
      • Online peer-to-peer platforms such as Craigslist and FreeCycle can often be used to find used bicycles
      • Bicycle co-operatives also operate in many communities such as Adrian, Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids.  These organizations often make used bikes available at low prices.  (Note: Common Cycle is working hard to transform from a mobile service to a full-scale cooperative.  If you’re interested to lend a hand, please feel free to contact us.)
      • Local bike shops may sometimes also stock used bikes: inquire with an employee to learn if they can help you find an inexpensive option.

Where can I rent a bike in Ann Arbor?

University of Michigan Adventure Leadership Rental Center (336 Hill St) rents mountain bikes.  You can rent them by the day or semester.

Sic Transit Cycles also offers short-, medium- and long-term rentals.

How can I find out about bike events in Ann Arbor?

The Bicycle Alliance of Washtenaw publishes a Master Calendar on their website.  All local bicycling organizations contribute their events to the list.

Also feel free to check out our Facebook page and the groups we’re friends with for more bicycle-focused action around town.

What organizations exist around Ann Arbor to support bicycling?

Advocacy and special interests

Recreation and Fitness

Also feel free to check out our Facebook page and the groups we’re friends with for more bicycle-focused action around town.