Common Cycle quietly celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2020 amidst a lockdown, just 2 years after taking the huge leap of opening a public space at 416 W. Huron Street. Despite the pandemic, as more and more individuals and families discover the joys of cycling, Common Cycle continues to grow and thrive – ready to keep rolling in its next decade and beyond.

Our mission is to empower our community to get rolling and keep rolling by bike. We do this by providing access to knowledge, tools, and workspace. This work became even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic as the bike boom continued. Today, it seems to only be accelerating.

Since that shift in 2018, we’ve become further established as a physical presence in the community, our bicycle distribution program has grown substantially, and more people are becoming aware of what we have to offer. We began expanding our bicycle distribution program through grants provided by the City of Ann Arbor. This allowed us to distribute more bicycles than ever in partnership with social service agencies throughout the city, such as Jewish Family Services, Catholic Social Services, the Delonis Center, and Washtenaw Refugee Welcome. With the capacity we built through this grant, we’ve continued to refurbish and distribute bicycles as part of our core programming. Today, we have sold or distributed over 600 bicycles – helping line cooks get to work, students get to class, and helping everyone make healthier, more sustainable choices for themselves and their community. In the next phase of this program, we’re working directly with the Community Action Network to provide bicycles, workspace, tools, and education to residents of the Bryant neighborhood. 

We’ve also just published a brand new website that will launch Common Cycle into its next decade. This new site reflects the vibrant, joyful, and empowering organization we seek to be – check it out and let us know what you think!

Common Cycle continues to be a resource for those who use and want to use bicycles in the Ann Arbor area–whether via seeking help at our public hours, consulting our public bicycle pump & Fix-It station map, checking out Bicycle Toolkits from the AADL, participating in our Femme-Trans-Women program, or partnering with us to get bicycles to those without the means to obtain them

When people think bikes, education, and empowerment, we want them to think Common Cycle.

In the coming year and beyond, we see three opportunities for deepening our work: 

First, we plan to expand our impact through partnerships with local community organizations to continue to grow our bicycle distribution program. Through this program and our network of partners, we want anyone in Ann Arbor who wants or needs a bicycle but can’t afford it to have one–for free–from Common Cycle. It’s as simple as that.

Next, over the coming year, we will be focusing on the people that make our organization run: our volunteers. We will have a renewed focus on engaging and empowering our volunteers to support our mission.

And finally, we will continue to work hard within our organization to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have work to do, but we’re ready. Through planned strategic work, a new partnership strategy, and a focus on volunteer recruitment and retention, we hope to strengthen the community within Common Cycle and  among our volunteers and visitors to ensure a welcoming, inclusive, empowering, and affirming space that reflects the diversity, knowledge, and resources of the broader community.

We expect bikes to keep booming and with it a continued and growing interest from the community in getting to know their bikes and learning just how powerful the bike can be: for utility, for recreation, for connection, and for liberation.

So, how can you help? 

Got 5-minutes?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or invite a friend to follow us or check out our new site.

Got more time?

Sign up to volunteer with us this year. Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form and we’ll reach out to get in touch.

Want to help Common Cycle thrive in the next decade?

We’re currently seeking energetic, mission-driven individuals for our Steering Committee and Board. 

Another great way to help includes making a financial donation to Common Cycle. As a mission-driven organization, we rely on donations to support our work. Consider support at one of the following levels. 

  • Bolt-level – $50-$249
    Help us keep a co-op visitor rolling
  • Bike-level – $250-$499
    Help us refurbish bicycles for those in need
  • Bench-level – $500-$999
    Help us expand our programs and open shop hours
  • Building-level – $1000+
    Help us sustain our long-term operations and ensure we can serve the community for another decade


Anything helps, and we’re grateful for your support. 

Ride well, and have fun doing it.

Nate Phipps
Board President