Common Cycle relies on a hearty group of dedicated volunteers to maintain its operations: from volunteers that help people fix their bikes to our Steering Committee who makes sure our organization runs smoothly at all levels.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee oversees our operations and is made up of some of our most dedicated volunteers. Much of our subcommittee membership comes from our Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is nominated by members of the Board, though anyone can express  interest in joining—we can always use another hand. The Steering Committee meets monthly on the third Sunday. Membership in the committee is not required to attend the meetings where a variety of organizational business is discussed—all are welcome!

John Azzolini

John Azzolini (he/his)

John spent his career days as a registered nurse and has been a welcome addition to the Bikes Subcommittee for the past three years. “I enjoy repairing bicycles and seeing bikes that would otherwise be thrown away being used by those who need them.”

Clayton Kingdon

Clayton Kingdon (he/his)

Clayton has been with us for three years and can be found leading our Volunteer Nights where folks learn while fixing up bikes that will be donated through our distribution program. “I enjoy wrenching on bikes in general, and it feels really great to help others realize that they can fix their own bikes.”
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 Izzy Salomon (they/them)

Izzy is a bike commuter who strives to make active and public transportation the default rather than the exception. Involvement with Common Cycle and the bicycle communities of Ann Arbor is a great avenue to meet many other people working to dismantle car dependency. “Driving should not be a prerequisite to participate in work, school, or civic life. Access for bikes, pedestrians, and public transit should be part of the design from the beginning.” 

 Emily McBroom (she/her)
Education and Operations Coordinator

Emily joins Common Cycle after taking the Maintenance Course desperate for community after moving to Ann Arbor in August of 2023 from Portland, Oregon. “I love the intersection of sustainability, physical movement, community impact and city infrastructure that bicycles give. I’ve been in love with bikes for a long time, but I always thought they were too complicated for me to work on myself. Now, I know it’s just a matter of getting your hands dirty and empowering myself to learn and educate others too. With a background in leadership and coffee I am excited to tackle operational systems and provide quality education to the community. I’m excited to dispel myths about bikes that can keep them inaccessible for folks, just like myths in coffee- (light roast and dark roast have negligible caffeine differences!)”

Board of Directors

The Common Cycle Board of Directors is made up of a variety of individuals with a deep commitment to Common Cycle’s mission, its vision, and its future. By state law, the Board includes the executive positions of a President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board is responsible for ensuring the success of the organization, including commitments to state and federal laws, adherence to its mission, and its overall fiscal health. We are actively seeking Board members with diverse backgrounds who can help us support our mission and grow our impact.

Nate Phipps

Nate Phipps (he/him)

As soon as Nate stumbled upon Common Cycle at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market in 2014, he knew he had found his people. “I love to get people excited about riding and fixing their own bikes. Bikes are such simple machines, and learning how they work, how to repair and maintain them, and how to help others do the same is such an empowering experience. Everyone should be able to experience that.” He once had eight flats on a six-day bike trip! He’s now quite good at changing tubes.

Bob Werner

Bob Werner (he/him)

Bob has been involved with CC for 6 years, and is a part of the Bikes Subcommittee. “I enjoy fixing bikes and love that we can give them to folks in the community. Helping the community to fix their bikes and teaching them to be more independent in maintaining their bikes is also a plus.” While a physician by trade, Bob got his start as a horticulturist.

Ian Ogden on bike

Ian Ogden (he/him)

For the past 9 years at CC, Ian has been working to reduce barriers to everyday bicycle use for recreation, utility, and whatever folks are into. Implementing and sustaining programs which elevate public knowledge and hands-on skills in maintaining a bicycle – their bicycle. Contributing to a culture of low-impact transportation (space, speed, emissions); contributing to a culture of maintenance, rather than of consumption and disposal. Incredibly dedicated, Ian serves on five subcommittees, including Bikes, Space, Programming, Education, and Administration. “I’m quietly ok with grip-shifters, despite their tradeoffs and being a pain to service.”

Dr Tracy Berman on a bike

Dr. Tracy Berman (she/her)

Tracy has been involved with Common Cycle for 8 years and most recently joined the Steering Committee and has been a big catalyst for reigniting our Femme/Trans/Women (FTW) programming. “I love cycling and keeping my bikes happy. Many people have helped me learn bicycle repair skills and I think it’s important to keep passing that along. I want to share the empowerment I’ve enjoyed.” Fun fact: Tracy writes with both hands!

Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman (he/him)

Adam, alternative transportation and pun enthusiast, has been with the organization for 7 years. Two reasons that keep him engaged in CC’s work: 1. The world is a better place with more people riding bikes, and Common Cycle’s education and empowerment mission addresses one key set of barriers that can often prevent people from getting out and riding! 2. My “day job” is software engineering; I spend all day working on very virtual and abstract problems. Bikes are built out of simple and tangible mechanical systems, which is a great contrast to staring at a screen and keyboard all day. “Once I saw a three-legged cat and wondered briefly whether there are any companies making prosthetic limbs for cats and dogs… but then I realized it would be a faux paw!”

Clark McCall

Clark McCall (he/him)

“I like seeing people realize they can learn how to fix their bicycles,” says Clark, who’s been with Common Cycle for 11 years. He used to ride motorcycles before advancing to bicycles and is actively a part of our Bikes and Space Subcommittees in addition to furthering our Sustainability efforts.

Adam Goodman

Andre Struger (he/him)


Andre Struger, a Board member at Common Cycle, has been involved with Common Cycle for 1 1/2 years, and worked with CC when we were a mobile unit at the A2 Farmers’ market. Spending some years living abroad provided Andre with an opportunity to observe how cities integrated bicycles into their transportation system; he was amazed at the hundreds of bikes at various locations (schools, train stations, factories, and bike paths).  His dream would be to see something similar here in A2 — education, maintenance, and mindset changes from having to “drive everywhere” to “bike everywhere.” He enjoys being outdoors in all seasons.   

Shamsheer Singh Chauhan (he/him)


Shamsheer has been volunteering with Common Cycle since 2016, including previously serving on the Board from 2017 to 2019. He thinks cycling is a wonderful way of moving that can provide many benefits, including physiological, psychological, psychosocial, cognitive, socioeconomic, and environmental. Shamsheer earned his PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan, which is what brought him to Ann Arbor, and it didn’t take him long to fall in love with the city.