Donate a Bike

We accept donations of serviceable bicycles and parts when our storage capacity allows. These bicycles are refurbished and donated through our bicycle distribution program or sold to support our mission. Whenever possible, we provide bicycles free of charge through our local partner organizations to those who need a bicycle but cannot afford one. If you’d like to donate a bicycle or bicycle parts or accessories, please email with a photo or two and a brief description.

We are sometimes limited in how many bikes we can accept due to storage, so please reach out to us before bringing bicycles to the Common Cycle workspace.

Further! We at Common Cycle encourage everyone to put your old bikes back into service. If you have an old bike that you’d like to keep / continue to use, please come by our Public Hours on Sundays (11 AM-3 PM) where our volunteers can help you look your bike over / help you get it road/trail/pathworthy.

Lastly, there are some parts which we are almost always in need of:

  • 27″ tires (630 mm BSD (bead seat diameter))
  • Kickstands
  • Flat-bar grips
  • Bar tape (used is fine, if it’s reasonably clean and free of tears)
  • Saddles/seats in good condition



donation bikes

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